Eagle Church supports CITC because we believe God is all about redemption, reconciliation and new life. This is the ministry of CITC, and we  have had the privilege of having a front row seat to the stories of girls whose hearts and lives have been transformed by the love and power of Jesus. 

Justin Langebartels
Worship and Missions Pastor


I am only too happy to respond to Dawn Rose's request to share my personal knowledge of and commitment to CITC. I first became aware of CITC almost a decade ago when a confused and angry young teen - the daughter, grandchild and great-grandchild of good friends of ours in Wisconsin - clearly needed help.  Very much out of control, and whose hobby was cutting herself, she had no problem finding trouble wherever she went. As a pastor and Certified Family Counselor, and tho she still has "issues" today, I firmly believe that were it not for Teen Challenge, this young woman probably would not even be alive today - and without question, Dawn found her quite "challenging" to say the least. I came to know the Roses during this period, and have developed enormous respect for this couple who have spent decades ministering to troubled teens, and I have been more than happy to be a financial supporter of their ministry. Whenever I read another testimony written or spoken by another young  "sister in Christ," who was saved in every way at CITC, my heart leaps with joy! While I cannot deny that many young people can be helped with their adolescent problems and addictions in secular programs, I cannot but think that they are "doing this the hard way".  Scripture tells us that "God is our Refuge and our Strength - our very present help . . . " (Ps 46) - so why would anyone not avail themselves of God's presence, guidance and strength, that is so readily available to all who would turn to Him in faith?  I would invite any and all to consider joining us in financially supporting this extremely successful program, where so many young women have experienced their "come to Jesus" moment, and where God has rescued so many beautiful souls for decades. Finally, please keep the Roses, the staff, and the kids on your prayer list! 

Pastor Dick Huber - Pompano Beach, Florida