Central Indiana Teen Challenge



2 ½ years ago Sarah arrived at Teen Challenge broken, angry, and self-destructing. She was on the road to either jail or the grave.  Today she is alive, moving forward and once again a loving, caring young lady.  I believe our walk began in 2005 when three months after my recent divorce from Sarah’s father Sarah and her brother had a severe car accident on the way to school.  Sarah was life-lined to Methodist Hospital. We had a three week stay in the hospital with several months of recovery to follow.  Sarah was on many heavy pain medicines. As Sarah recovered physically – weaning off of the (opiates) pain medications was extremely difficult.  By the fall, Sarah was very distressed emotionally and suicidal.  Our once very close relationship was deteriorating rapidly.  I had my daughter physically,but somewhere we had lost our Sarah.   In the outpatient therapy, Sarah learned or picked up on “cutting” from another girl.  The following months were a living nightmare. The cutting continued, the attempts at suicide continued.  She was starting her mornings with vodka, Vicodin, marijuana and cigarettes while driving to school.  Her cutting and burning of herself increased from her arms and wrists to hidden areas of her body.  Sarah did not like herself, her life, and she had lost any and all hope. All I can share is that I felt as though someone literally had reached in and ripped out my heart.  I could not believe this was happening.  Sarah left our house in February to live various places with friends and family.  I felt judged by others, and I felt like a failure.  TC staff took on our state of turmoil and for 11 months and 5 days (Sarah chose to stay after turning 18).  They ministered healing to Sarah and our family. They dealt tough love to all of us. It is a process of baby steps and often very painful, but the structured program, excellent family counseling, scheduled visits, the required reading for parents as well as students are all part of the healing.  And, mixed into it all is their faith – calling on God for his wisdom and strength.  Each girl at CITC is precious and a child of God deserving of a second chance of the Life God desires for them, Bev. 



God, (Central Indiana) Teen Challenge, and its staff have performed an absolute miracle in Abby’s life, and we will never forget you and your decision to make a difference in so many girls lives. Please convey our gratitude and love to all the staff…they have all given Abby so much love and support at the time she so desperately needed it. We are forever in your debt, Becky


I am writing this letter as a parent of a 16-yr. old girl that has been in the Teen Challenge Program now for the past 17 months.  I have seen my daughter grow and mature into a responsible, kind and loving girl- a girl I never thought I would see again.  The decision to send her to Teen Challenge (TC) was not taken lightly- it was with thorough research that we found CITC and words cannot say the gratefulness we have for this program.  I have no idea where my daughter and our family would be currently at, without the help and support of CITC.  My daughter had many negative things going on in her life before she went to CITC- she had suicidal thoughts, cutting herself, throwing up after every meal and she had no care about herself or anything else around her.  We found out that she had been raped at age 14 and by the age of 15, her life was in shambles.  She also was failing school, behind in credits, bullied online and became addicted to drugs and alcohol.  She then became involved with the local court system and could not be successful on probation- she continued to get into trouble by breaking all rules that the court had set.  Life was unbearable for her family, we were at wits end and didn't know what more we could do to help her.  My daughter was self-medicating herself every day to get through her life- I look back at all this and wish we had sent her to CITC sooner, but it takes time to realize that the problems she had were beyond us and we needed to find professional help to get herself back together and back on track in life.  At CITC, she has had a few "setbacks" which has made the program last longer than what's typical, but I feel her mistakes were blessings in disguise as it's made her a better and stronger person for it.  My daughter is very strong-willed and stubborn, it took her a few months to finally accept her circumstances and she slowly began to change as time went on.  Teen Challenge keeps the family involved in this whole process, so it keeps you connected to your daughter as both her and the family recovers and heals from the past.  We have been very happy with the staff at TC, they truly care about your child, they take the time and effort to bond  with your child, so they can figure out the deep reasons as to why they are out of control- this takes a lot of time and patience to build this trust and for walls to come down around their hearts.  The Christian aspect of this program is positive and has a healing message of hope, acceptance and forgiveness in their lives.  The combination of counseling, the length of the program, the Christian healing messages and the many positive, fun bonding experiences they have with the staff and other girls, altogether can change your child's life.  If you can identify with our experiences we've had with our daughter, I would not hesitate to get your daughter involved with this program.  If you feel there is nowhere to turn, please know there is help for your daughter- the professionals at TC may be the answer you've been searching for.  Getting help for your daughter, before it is too late, is the best thing you can do for her and for your family.  Sending your daughter away for an extended period of time is not easy to do; but it's a decision you may need to make and it's one made out of love for your daughter and for your desire for her to have a happy, healthy future, Renee



Past Parents are willing to talk to those considering placing their child with us. If you would like to be in contact with one, please email: citc@indianatc.org to request.