Central Indiana Teen Challenge


Q & A

1)      What does their program offer girls? A safe environment to live while education, healthy personal and social skills are developed.  Peer counseling, Christian mentoring, and restorative counseling are given with the parent and student during their time here.

2)      Why was the organization created? Created over 60 years ago in 1959 by Betty Violette, Dave and Don Wilkerson, to answer the needs of the drug and alcohol epidemic that rages in our youth, adults and society.  (see mission and history)

3)       What is the age range of girls attending programs with their organization? 13-17 years

4)       What do they think is the major issue girls have to deal with today? Drugs, Alcohol, Bulimia, Cutting, Sexual Abuse.

5)       What is your mission - what do they hope to accomplish with their clients? To allow them to heal from their hurts, recover their family relationships, build a new future to reach their goal.

6)      Do they serve a racially diverse clientele or is it primarily serving one group of young ladies? Racially diverse – students from all over the United States, within many ranges of social and economic status.

7)      Do the girls go through any type of "graduation" after program completion? Yes, we try to make it very special for them and their families if they choose to attend.

8)      Is there any follow-up with girls who have completed their programs to assess if the effects are long-lasting? Yes.  Staff continues to personally contact students to check on their progress.

9)       How do you evaluate if they are effective and do they have any information on successful program completion? We keep in contact with our graduates and those students who chose not to finish. We work with minors and their parents. Success depends on the parental involvement. If the parent has attended/implemented the changes needed and advised in the counseling and the student has also done so throughout the program, there can be success of not going back to the environment nor the bondages of the previous life style. However if parents do not choose to implement the changes – success is not favorable.